She is fragile, but her fight runs deep, so deep she doesnt know when it’s saving her or hurting her.  An inner strength so fiery it must hurt her in order to save her. She fights everyday but Mediocrity and strife are very persistent, will she remain consistent or give in to life.  A fire burns inside of her,  the flame is seen thru her eyes yet they still yurn to touch her.  She sees the fear,  the judgment in their eyes when they stare,  when will they notice it’s a plea for help-like a safety flare.  Sadly they ignore it and their encounter ends with a glare. Her strength is viewed as anger,  her faith as madness, and her fear as sadness. But she keeps moving,  for God has given her another day and his word is assurance that all will be okay and through his grace she will find a way…