A lifetime


In My World- A poem

In my world,  there would be a place for me to always be free. 

In my world,  there would be a place to escape my frustration easily. 

In my world,  a woman could be who God designed her to be.  

In my world,  my faith would be as vast as the deep blue sea. 

In my world,  hope of a young girl would grow like branches on a tree. 

In my world,  a black man can be all he was meant to be without fear of brutality.  

In my world,  sisters and brothers are bound by loyalty.  

In my world,  we love one another fiercely. 

In my world,  a respected trait is honesty.

But in my world of creativity,  the words cruelty and envy there could never be.  BUT,  that my friends,  wouldn’t be REALITY… 

Taneshia Brown